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Ajinorah Global Ventures

Ajinorah Global Ventures is a group of institutions that is established with a dream to share knowledge that can empower people to prosper and rebuild ourselves to serve more. Having established as Ajinorah Institutions, a complementary educational centre for language tests like IELTS and OET, our vision of sharing prosperity drives us to expand our areas of operation to extended educational and career services through Ajinorah Overseas Consultancy, Ajinorah Entrance Academy, Ajinorah Distance Education and Ajinorah Life Care.



Ajinorah Global Ventures was founded in Kochi as a parent organization for Ajinorah Institutions in 2013, by a group of nurses headed by Aji Mathew, Norwin Lukose and Rahul Rajendran. With the expeditious success of our initiative, we expanded our services to other locations in Kerala. A second branch of Ajinorah Institutions was founded in Kottayam in 2017 and the expansion continued to Calicut and Trivandrum in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Identifying other key areas of education, we established other concerns, Ajinorah Advanced Studies and Ajinorah Overseas Consultancy in 2019and Ajinorah Entrance Academy min 2021.


To show the path of prosperity and thereby achieve a high quality of life through best education and career building to maximum number at an affordable value in the most accessible manner.


Developing and executing the most efficient and innovative practices in academic, administrative and management aspects of education with values at heart and sophistication in mind.

Our Team

Our Values


Everyone in our community feels a sense of belongingness as an integral part of the institution than separate entities at work.

Respect and fairness

We help each other grow as self respecting individuals by maintaining polity and fair treatment.


We value the oneness among ourselves rather than anything else. We believe in the synergy of our individual capacities that add up to the core strength.

Passion for progress

We find joy in actualizing our potentials and helping others to do the same. We believe in staying dynamic and growing to expand so that we can reach out to more people who need our assistance.

Symbiotic growth

We believe in mutual benefit. We grow ourselves by benefitting the individuals who approach us.