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On our mission to help students reach their desired destinations, Ajinorah Overseas Consultancy assists students find the best courses suitable for them overseas and guide them towards building a settled life and career in their desired countries of stay.

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Ajinorah Overseas Consultancy is a corporate movement which is fast in revolutionising the education scene globally.
It was founded largely inspired by the explosion of opportunities overseas that opened up new hopes for students who wish to make the best out of their education. With access to over a thousand universities across more than 30 countries, Ajinorah Overseas Consultancy has a large pool of courses that can meet the specific requirements of an aspirant. Having interacted directly with thousands of students, we understand more than anyone the potentials of students with various backgrounds and their worries regarding moving overseas. With a mission to help passionate minds to actualise their real potentials, we take utmost care to pick the most suitable programs for our candidates.


We are passionate about gathering and disseminating the most reliable information for individuals who aspire for the best when it comes to education and life abroad. With our years of interaction with overseas aspirants, we understand the real potentials and opportunities of a candidate to match with the best overseas study plan.
We are connected with more than 1100 universities across 30+ countries with a large number of study options that addresses the specific requirements of candidates, affordability, scholarships, value of education or employment and settlement. With us, you get to choose your course, submit SOPs and documents and receive offer letters from universities without any payments giving you maximum number of paths to explore, to make your study plan a sure shot.

Comprehensive Assistance

Your specific capabilities are more important while choosing opportunities and it requires more than a meeting but active listening. Our counsellors will speak with you and bring out the unnoticed potentials in you, for choosing the best options and opting out the trivial ones. All your worries will be heard, from choosing your courses, during collection of documents to travelling abroad and finding your comfortable stay.
We assist you from A to Z - beginning from your course selection to your landing overseas. We learn about your opportunities, find courses, and monitor your documentation to ensure a sure entry to your desired country with no service charges involved.

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Process & Timeline

Helping overseas aspirants formulate a personalized plan to study/work abroad and facilitating worry-free processing

Know Your Fit Better / Profile Analysis

Every candidate has their own unique profile for a study program. One needs to tailor their plan of study according to their shape and size. A detailed analysis of one's tastes, qualifications and capabilities should be undertaken before choosing a course or country of education.

Decision Making / Counseling

It is always recommended that you are making an informed decision. An overseas counselor can help you understand your capabilities with a detailed discussion and suggest you courses overseas that suits best with your requirements in terms of finance, employability and prospects for PR.

Choosing The Path/Course Selection

Making the right choice of program and place can decide your career path for the rest of your life. It depends on various factors such as your motives of employment and settlement, availability of course, qualification and age and financial requirements. There are plentiful programs to choose from that can accord well with your potentials and aspirations.

Equipping Oneself / Preparing The Required Documents

Once you have chosen your course of study, the next step is to produce the documents to meet the program requirements. It can range from your language ability tests to financial support documents. A counselor can guide you along the process of collecting the documents and preparing for language tests.

Tapping The Opportunity / Application

The most important step in the process of your relocation is the submission of your application. It must be well supported with proper documentation and a well written Statement of Purpose (SOP ) that explains your motives and talents for opting the course. Time taken to complete the application from the submission of documents to reception of offer letter can take up to 3 months depending on the country and course.

Good News / Offer Letter

Your first good news starts with the arrival of the offer letter. It is the invitation from the institution to join the program that you opt. Acceptance of the same allows you to apply for a student visa to the concerned country.

Get set / Visa processing

Once the application for visa is submitted, it undergoes several verifications with the embassy and your documents are verified by the visa officials to ensure your smooth and authentic entry to the foreign country. Your visa is delivered within a month if all the requirements are met.

Fly / Onboard Help

Now is the time to fly. You get ready for the flight once you have received your visa. Though many things are common about overseas travel for a student too, there are many things to remember from the documents to keep to things to carry to support your stay in the overseas.

Myth Busters

The following is a list of common beliefs and misconceptions that have been proved false.

Overseas Educations Costs A Lot

Things are costly when what you spent on them are flushed away which is not the case with overseas education since it is practically possible to regain what you spend in a matter of a few months. Overseas education allows you part time work some countries like Sweden even lets you take breaks between semesters allowing you to earn through fulltime works, which will help you shed your debts.

Difficult To Manage Expenses.

It is not difficult to manage your expenses by working part-time while you study. You will be paid a decent amount of money as fixed by the countries' payment norms and will be allowed with a specific number of hours per week. This will be more than sufficient to maintain charges for your stay, food and other expenses. Some students are even able to send back some amount to their parents and repay for their loans with the income that they earn through part-time work.

Overseas Studies Are For Students In Their Thirties

There are so many opportunities for candidates regardless of their ages for overseas studies. Student candidates up to the age 45 are welcome to many countries and settle there after their studies.

Candidate face a lot of racism in English speaking countries.

This is not true. Countries encourage multi-cultural environment and international students. Many countries have dedicated facilities to comfort international students and help them with any issues faced in their campuses and outside.

It Requires To Score High For IELTS To Chooseto Study Overseas

Not every course require you to achieve a score in IELTS and for those courses that demand that do not ask for a very high . Also, IELTS is not that hard to crack if proper guidance is provided.

It is difficult to cope with the climatic situations in the temperate countries.

It is true that a student from a tropical country may find it difficult to live in a temperate country. But, with the changes in diet, clothing and indoor heating mechanisms, overseas travelers manage to deal with the changes in climatic situations.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

There are a number of countries where you can study. Aptness of each country depends on your requirements and profile. While Sweden can be the best choice for a BTech Graduate from India, UK is better for a candidate with.

The study methods in the suggested countries are far easier than conventional exam oriented studies followed in India. Students enjoy sufficient free time after their college hours and get to find time for their part time works and recreational activities.

Candidates who study nursing or any other clinical program in UK are offered the license of a Registered Nurse which can easily employ a person right after their studies.

Certificates from colleges are valid all across the world as an international study certificate. They are accepted by employees and other universities for their higher studies.

By achieving permanent resident status in any country, you are entitled with all the perks enjoyed by the citizens of that country except for voting rights and the status of citizenship.

Part-time jobs are widely available overseas. Most universities and colleges assist international students with finding part-time work in the locality of the campuses.

Salaries can be varied according to jobs. While skilled works of all kind offer a handsome salary, unskilled and part time jobs are fixed with a minimum pay.

Many countries allow overseas students to bring along their families with them, during their student visa period to the to the their countries and allow them work which is one of the most attractive factors that attract students to opt for studies overseas. Once they have received their PR, they can stay with them as dependents of the PR holder, eventually providing them with the PR status as well.

Your accommodation, food, phone bills , study materials and  can be the most important expenses that may incur other than your tuition fees at college.

A visa-rejection may occur if your documentation fails to supply valid certificates and evidence for your purpose of traveling.

Your academic background, language skills and adaptability based on age and other factors make your application most eligible for acceptance for studies. However, countries like UK have a very eased out criteria for application acceptance by admitting students.

You could find employment either in the residing or home country with the qualification that you have acquired. Some candidates find management level employment with their part-time employer after a period of 6 months making them eligible for applying for PR.

It depends on provinces and countries. On average, it could vary from an amount equivalent to 40,000 to 50,000 rupees per month. It can be managed either by spending from your GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) for Canada or living expense as shown in the show money. Though, most candidates manage to meet these expenses through working part-time.

It depends on the country that you choose to study in and your academic merit. For a candidate with a good CGPA like an 80% for their previous studies in their home countries can find scholarship easily in UK with up to a maximum of £4000 and in Australia up to $5000 AUD.

No. There are many countries where IELTS is not a mandatory requirement

It is possible to provide free education to your children once you have acquired PR status in the country.

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