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The National Council Licensure Examination RN is an examination for licensing nurses and midwives to Canada, USA and Australia allowing them to practice their profession in the accepted countries. It is conducted by National Council of State Boards of Nursing Inc in a computerized adaptive testing format testing an individual's ability to think critically about decisions involving nursing care.

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AJINORAH provides the best NCLEX-RN coaching for both online and offline classes. Our trainers have experience with pattern of exam conduct for years and the essential skills and knowledge required for nurses trained and practicing in India. With updated study materials and warm approach of learning, every student makes it in their first attempts.

Course Overview

The conduct of the NCLEX-RN is carried out by our trainers who have theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to be able to deliver the best educational output. Our updated learning facilities include the right and concise study material that helps a student with just enough information making it easy to learn and tuned specifically for the examination. All the subjects are addressed individually with special attention on most probable areas for questions to be asked to ensure clearing the test at the first chance of a candidate’s test appearance. Besides the academic training, the candidates are also assisted with procuring and submitting necessary documents and apply for examination.

What You'll Learn In This Course:

  • Basic Exam format and detailed understanding of all subjects.
  • Criteria of clearing the exam with specific technique for meeting them.
  • Reasoning skills for attempting the questions the right way.
  • Terms and definitions used for the test.
  • Time management and skill development.
  • Integrated Process and decisin making skills.
  • Model Test practices.
  • Detailed analysis and evaluation of performance.


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