Best IELTS & OET Coaching Centre in Bengaluru

India's best OET and IELTS coaching centre is here in Bengaluru! Our highest success rate, trusted learning methodology and happy students prove that we can help you reach your goals. Ajinorah Bangalore is one of the most reputable IELTS & OET coaching centres around.

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Ajinorah OET & IELTS Coaching Centre, Bengaluru

With India’s most experienced IELTS and OET training, Ajinorah Bangalore centre provides innovative learning for all its students. From language labs to extensive reference material collections, this is an ideal place for personalized mentorship and counselling sessions. Armed with top-notch facilities that cover every need you could have related to these tests, Ajinorah Bangalore makes sure you are well-prepared with our thorough IELTS training. We help to achieve your educational dreams into reality. 

Center Overview

Get ready to ace your IELTS and OET exams with the best coaches in Ajinorah Bangalore! Our trainers are committed to providing each student all-encompassing support from day one until you hit that dream score. Every single detail to rectify is considered, whether it’s speaking or writing practice. As a result of our meticulous approach, you will feel confident enough with all necessary language skills under your belt regardless of starting level. So don’t let anything stand between you and success – join us today to experience the best IELTS & OET coaching on this journey towards reaching new heights! 

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

  • What is offered in Ajinorah Banglore?

    The Banglore Branch of the institution provides class-room training for IELTS, OET and CBT.

  • How long are the courses?

    Ans: There are various durations for a course as it seems fit for an aspirant with courses ranging from a month, two months and extensions of one month as they wish. We also offer 10 days crash course for IELTS and OET to practice the test modules in an intensive manner.

  • When is the best time to join?

    Ans: We have new batches starting weekly, starting every Monday. You are always welcome to visit the classes any day of the week.

  • How are the classes scheduled?

    Ans: Regular batches run from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. We have morning batches starting from 8:30 and Evening batches ending at 7:30.

  • How are the courses conducted in Ajinorah Banglore?

    Ans: Students attend five levels of classes in a progressive manner throughout their study period. We have dedicated exam batches for intense preparation for students who are anticipating exam dates.

  • What are the special facilities in Ajinorah Banglore?

    Ans: There are language labs for practicing listening and speaking modules with experienced trainers and latest study material. In addition to this, students get a large selection of authentic study material available online, that they can practice with during their free time and weekends.

  • Is it affordable to study in Ajinorah Banglore?

    Ans: We have the best value propositions for our courses compared to others. Students get a high quality learning experience at a very affordable value besides various offers.

  • What are the offers provided by Ajinorah Banglore?

    Ans: Ajinorah Banglore wavers off the coaching fees and exam fees for students who opt for overseas education and employment through our facilities. We also offer discounts for students who have opted for 2 months course for IELTS and OET for extending their training.

  • How do I book exam dates for OET and IELTS?

    Ans: You can use the online portals of the concerned exam agencies to book dates for the said exams. Our exam assistance services can help you with test booking.

  • Why do I go to Ajinorah Banglore?

    The most attractive feature of Ajinorah Caliut is that each student get individual attention throughout their study time. Ajinorah Institutions is the most popular and highest result producing IELTS and OET training center in Banglore. We offer individual attention, dedicated grammar and booster classes and weekly live workshops conducted for each modules every week.

  • What are the other services provided through the institution?

    Ans: The Banglore Office provides all you need to find employment and education programs abroad. We also offer Distant Education programs and Entrance coaching for various medical and engineering institutes in India. We also offer various distant learning programs too through our Advanced Studies department in the Banglore branch.

  • Can I apply for my study visa from Ajinorah Banglore?

    Ans: Yes, you can approach our counselors in the Overseas Department to get the best advice for overseas education and the fastest processing service.

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