15 Compelling Reasons to Opt for the Computer Based IELTS Test

computer based ielts test

IELTS is one of the most trusted and widely accepted English proficiency tests. More than 3.5 million candidates appeared for the test globally last year. The subject matter and style of the test are the same for both computer tests and pen tests, be they IELTS general or academic. Let us discover more about this and understand why a high number of candidates are opting for the computer-based IELTS test.


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1. Increased Test Availability

Depending on your test centre, it is likely that the candidates will have more dates to choose from. This is because most computer-based IELTS exams happen during different time slots of the day, be they morning, afternoon, or evening. The candidates will even have the opportunity to plan and choose dates for the coming year and beyond. It could be one of the most significant benefits for candidates who are unable to schedule their pen and paper tests due to time availability or the availability of the centre.


2. No More Messy Writing

A lot of candidates would have faced this issue. Messy writing or poor handwriting can be one of the reasons for a lower IELTS band score. It is because there are chances that the examiner may not understand and deduct your marks. On the contrary, the computer-based test gives the candidates an excellent opportunity to improve their band score without worrying about poor handwriting. Unlike paper-based tests, the candidate will also not have to worry about errors created by the pen or any other mishap. Most candidates also face problems and create messes while writing at a faster pace. Get rid of all those issues by opting for computer-based tests for your IELTS.


3. More Convenient

There is no doubt that the computer-based IELTS test is more convenient. Firstly, you will have the option to choose the date according to your schedule. Secondly, we are already going digital and are used to working on devices like desktops and laptops. This will reduce the hassle of handling paper-based tests and working in chaos. Besides, the process of booking the computer test is also much simpler and more straightforward. You will not have a long list of DOs and DON’TS. Unlike that, you will have a simple set of instructions that will be all about arriving at the place on a particular date and time.


computer based ielts test

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4. Smaller Groups

Another advantage of booking a computer-based test is that you will get to appear for the exam in smaller groups. Paper-based tests have larger crowds, and it even gets difficult to concentrate on the exam. On the other hand, there will be fewer crowds, and you will get an individual set of equipment to proceed with the paper.


5. Faster Test results

Whether you are appearing for IELTS general or IELTS academic, you would want the results to be quicker and more efficient. The faster results will provide you with the opportunity to plan and check for colleges accordingly. One of the reasons why most candidates go for computer-based IELTS is that they may get the results within 3 to 5 days. Compared to the paper-based, wherein you will get the results in 13 days. 


6. Highlight Text

Unlike paper-based tests, you will have more options in the computer-based exam. One of the biggest benefits is that it is technology-oriented and you can highlight specific parts of the test. The candidates can mark the specific part of the question or highlight the specific part of the passage. It will certainly make it easier for the candidates to answer and complete the test on time. 


7. Automatic Word Count 

Exceeding the word count is one of the major concerns of the applicants appearing for the IELTS examination. Many candidates even enrol in the best online IELTS coaching to prepare themselves and ensure they are following the word limits. You may face a deduction if you do not adhere to the guidelines or exceed the word limit in your IELTS. Besides, it is even more necessary that you stick to the point and answer it carefully while maintaining the word limit. 


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8. Personal Preference

In this digital and fast-paced environment, it could be an excellent benefit to opt for a computer-based examination. While paper-based examination halls are crowded, it even raises concerns about hygiene. In such cases, applicants can particularly opt for the computer-based exam to ease the transition in their approach. Many applicants prefer computer-based exams because they are easier to handle and there’s not much to do for them. Enrol yourself with the IELTS coaching centre to improve your understanding of the format and technicalities of the test.


9. Unique Devices

Another reason to choose computer-based over pen and paper is that they will give you a unique set of devices. For instance, you will have a desktop, headphones, and other necessary accessories. You can clearly adjust the volume to improve the hearing aspect, which can help you complete the test in the shortest time possible. Besides that, there will not be much noise if the room has a capacity of only 14 people for the computer-based exam. 


10. Rearrange at your own pace.

One of the significant benefits of the computer-based examination is that it will allow you to rearrange the text and sentences later as well. You will not have to continue with the flow and can change the specific parts of your answer accordingly.


11. View Texts and Questions at the Same Time

If you are taking an IELTS academic test, you will note the difficulty of the questions. If you are not sure, you can even view the questions and text simultaneously on the same screen via the split screen option. This may allow you to have a clearer understanding of the question before you actually start framing the text. 


12. Better Focus and Concentration

There are multiple ways in which the computer-based examination helps increase the focus and concentration of the applicants. Think of how it will be easier to rephrase, delete, or make any kind of adjustment to the text. There will be fewer crowds, which will further improve the concentration of the applicants.


13. Lower Stress

There are numerous benefits to opting for the computer-based exam. One such is that it will reduce the unnecessary stress and load on your mind. You will not face any kind of distraction, and you will not have to worry about handwriting or counting the words to ensure the word limit is followed. All these aspects can be taken care of on the desktop. You can give your exam stress-free and focus completely on improving your score in IELTS.


14. Easy Preparation

If you have enrolled in the best online IELTS coaching, you will certainly not be fully prepared for the pen-and-paper test. It is ideal because you will be preparing or giving the mock-up tests online, which will make you more comfortable with the online system. Therefore, it will be easier to prepare and take the exam in computer mode.


15. You Have a Choice

There is no difference between the pen and paper or computer-based IELTS exam. It is one of the choices and decisions that you can make for yourself based on comfort and convenience. If you are more comfortable with pen and paper, you can opt for that. If you are more comfortable with digital media, you may go for the computer-based one.

These are the fifteen reasons why a computer-based test could be an excellent option. However, it all depends on your personal preference and comfort with digital media. Make sure you are comfortable working on the computer or have a good typing speed to complete the test on time. You may even look for the best IELTS coaching centre in India to improve your skills and increase your chances of clearing the test.

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