Why Overseas? Explore a new realm of learning.

The idea of education is subjective for individual to government bodies. Every country follows a policy of education that depends on various aspects of social, economical and political demands. Besides this, education is valued and perceived differently by different societies. For one culture, education may be a symbol of social and political status, in another one it could be of only pragmatic value and driven by economic interests. In simple terms, one’s motives of joining a study program may be employability more than acquiring a social status and you could be wasting your time and money if your education does not cater to your actual needs.

The most commendable feature about study programs overseas is that they are largely purpose oriented whether they are academic, management  or skill-based. Curriculums in these institutions are designed to deal with their practical applications enabling students to deal with their actual area of application making them more employable than  courses focused on theory alone. Besides their academic interests, students are largely attracted to these programs for they allow them to stay back for over a number of years depending on the country and their course duration.

We have in our basket a large number of other study options other than your home country.

So, when it comes to choosing education, one needs to be very critical about their decision making: are we simply following the crowd? or making an informed decision? Are we sure that our education will offer us what we want?

We, Ajinorah Overseas Consultancy, let you choose programs that ensure your satisfaction, be it in terms of employability, life settlement or quality of education. We interact with students and officials from over a thousand institutions in more than 30 countries. We will help you make a conscious decision with programs that match your requirements and carry out the necessary documentation required for the same.